keeping up with Kinney

keeping up with Kinney

Friday, October 11, 2013

Some things I have learned as a new mommy

1. Moms are incredibly judgmental and critical of other moms
 Breastfeeding Mom vs. Formula Mom, Working Mom vs. Stay at home Mom, Co-sleeping Mom vs. Crib sleeping Mom, Store bought baby food Mom vs. Made from scratch baby food Mom, Cloth diaper Mom vs. Disposable diaper Mom…the list could go on an on. I admit I am guilty, we are human and we ALL have opinions (and you know what they say about opinions) I see things and think (here’s the crucial part) TO MYSELF…”I would do ______ differently.” I have heard of this saga called the “Mommy Wars” and it is so baffling true. Mom’s will Google and Bing until they find a “Baby Center” or “Scientific” article to prove that THEIR theory/process/idea  is THE right and only way to do something. I am particularly shocked at the open way Mom’s will attack on social media sites; obviously the most notable on Facebook. I promise you I love my child and only have her best interest in mind and in my heart. Just like I assume you...other too. I get that how I parent may not work for your family…just like how you parent probably wouldn't work for mine. I have a happy, healthy baby that I have successfully managed to keep alive for 8 months…I must be doing SOMETHING right.  Right?!

 2. Opinions/Advice
I mentioned this above. We all have opinions and like I have already noted …you know what they say about opinions…but until I ASK you for your opinion/advice then it was not/is not wanted. As new moms we are ALL figuring it out. And we are figuring out what works for OUR family. Whether you last gave birth 25 years ago or 6 months ago,  I assure you I have it under control. My favorite is the girl/lady/woman that has ZERO children but thinks they know how to parent. I will be the first to admit I was guilty of this. I worked in a daycare from the time I was 16 until I finished college, a total of 6 years. I thought I had it all figured out. I honestly thought I KNEW how to parent from watching tons of moms walk up and down the daycare hallways. WRONG WRONG WRONG. The truth is…all I walked away with was knowing how to diaper and swaddle. Nothing burns up a mom more than unsolicited advice from a female that only THINKS they know how to parent. So to all you ladies out there without children: keep your “advice” under lock and key. Until you have stayed up all hours of the night, spent your days fighting off delirium, listen to screams that could bust your ear drums, have spit up running down your face, neck and shirt, a shower is a mini vacation, you stick thermometers up a little ones bottom, wipe away tiny baby tears that make you burst out into giant crocodile tears and dismiss the fecal matter that has somehow gotten onto the sleeve of your brand new tshirt until you calm down and rock your precious little angel to sleep all while under the watchful and judgmental eyes of other moms then you have no opinion.  
Now, there will be times that I ASK for your opinion/advice and when I ASK you for it I am WELCOMING you thoughts and suggestions. I will honestly want to know what you think. Until then…chances are all I hear is the Charlie Brown teacher voice and it goes in one ear and out the other. Because I have a happy, healthy baby that I have successfully managed to keep alive for 8 months…I must be doing something right. Maybe not the way you would do it…but the way that works best for my family.
Must be a common thought
 3. Insta-Dri
Busy moms take note! This stuff is fantastic and FAST (a bonus for mamas on the go!)!!! I used to buy the OPI’s, China Glaze and Orly. But now I only buy Sally Hansen, Insta-Dri. It dries super fast and I can wear for a long time before it starts to chip or peel away. To be honest though the greatest thing about it is how fast it dries and I am assuming Sally Hansen has had some success with this line of polish because they have started coming out with “seasonal” lines.

 4. Registry- If I knew then what I know now
I admit when we registered for Kinney we mostly registered basically off esthetics (how it looked) and worried about functionality lastly. I mean we were first time parents with friends who don’t have kids and we really didn’t know what we needed. Here are the things I would have registered for differently.

  1. Highchair- LOVE our highchair. It is cute and goes with our kitchen tables and chairs. But for functionality and practical purposes we totally should have bought a “Highchair space saver” it is a highchair seat that straps onto one of your dining room chairs. 
  2. Bottles- Dr. Brown bottles are supposed to be wonderful bottles for babies with acid reflux. However, if you do not have a baby with acid reflux ditch the high maintenance bottles. Unless you don’t mind spending half your night washing and sanitizing a million pieces.
  3. Rock’n’Play- I had no clue that I needed such a WONDERFUL contraption. This needs to be on EVERY. NEW. MOM. Registry. It is simply A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!! I do not have enough wonderful things to say about this. Kinney slept in it beside me for months. It is on a slight incline so it helped with congestion. I know a lot of reflux babies use this. It was wonderful for travel and it was so easy to move around the house with us. Kinney has been sleeping in her crib for about 2 months now. But we occasionally break out the rock’n’play for naps and I use it to hold her while I cut her nails (she is sleeping).
  4. Resinol- Go ahead and hang on to “Butt Paste”, “Destin”, “A+D” and whatever other diaper creams you have but make sure to make some room in your medicine cabinet for this little gem. Kinney’s daycare teachers have been raving to me about this cream. Telling me how wonderful it was and I would just smile and nod. Kinney has never really had much use for diaper creams…she has rarely had a red bottom. And then she had some drainage that lead to an upset stomach and I will let you figure out the rest. So, I gave in…went to Kroger, walked to the baby aisle picked up a container of  “Butt Paste” and “A+D”…and then I proceeded to the pharmacy counter. I showed the pharmacist what I had and then inquired about “Resinol”. Needless to say the Butt Paste and A+D were placed back on the shelf and the Resinol now resides in Kinney's baby bag. Love the stuff!
  5. Stick to the registry- No matter how much you think you know someone’s taste just forgo the baby clothes shopping and buy what they have registered for. I am once again guilty of doing this pre Kinney. I know it’s tough to turn away from those teenie tiny precious onesies but chances are your taste is not theirs…even if you THINK it is. For example: Adam and I don’t particularly care for clothing that has writing on it like “Mommy’s Princess” or “Daddy’s Cutie”…so that excludes about 90% of baby clothing…now, do NOT get me wrong. I see nothing wrong with it on other kids/babies. To me, really, it is no different than me liking Coke and you liking Diet Coke. I think nothing of it. I love smocked outfits but my manager (she has an 18 month old daughter) thinks they are cheesy and I totally would have pegged her as someone that would love them…good thing I didn’t get her daughter one that I had been eyeing for her. That would have been money down the drain. So, unless you have heard someone say “I like this” --- “I don’t like this”--- then just stick to the items they have listed as a need.
  6. Buggy – Highchair cover: When registering you don’t really think about the future, as in 6-8 months down the road after babys birth. Or maybe I am just guilty of that…but anywho… I love the buggy-highchair cover thing…not for the germs (I am totally not a germaphobe) but because when your child is still new at the whole “sitting up” thing it really helps to hold them, to stabilize them. Think about it…those carts and high chairs are also designed for kids well up to 3 or 4 years old…much larger then a 6 or 8 month old.
  7. Exersaucer- Kinney first used one at my parent’s house, that they had bough on consignment, when she was around 4 months old. The girl LOVED it! Would have been nice to have the foresight to add this gem to the registry but like I said…I had tunnel vision while registering and nothing really went beyond bottles, towels, tub, diapers, stroller and highchair.
 5. Patience 
I am amazed at the patience level I have with my 8 month old. However, I am less than amused at my level (lack there of) of patience for everyone or everything else. Oy vey!

I know that I have just offered up some unsolicited advice. But #1, I didn't make you read this. #2. Just keep this in your back pocket as some FYI’s ;)

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

7 months old and has an email account...

Wow. I am really no good at keeping up with this blog. But alas it won't stop me from periodically and infrequently attempting :)

3 1/2 months have past since my last post and things have REALLY changed. I looked back at my last post to see where I had left off. Kinney had just started discovering that she could roll over but couldn't complete the cycle of a full 360 degree she's basically crawling, rolling all over the house and sits up all on her own!!!
Last night... attempting to crawl...looking more like push ups!
She's happy, healthy and in general an easy going baby. She is everything that I hoped and prayed so desperately for. This day last year, Sept 11, 2012, was the day that we found out we would be expecting a baby was also the day that shook my world. The day that sent me straight to a high risk doctor. The day that had me crying with fear, hurt and wondering how and why. And through it all, the appointments, the questions, the sadness...God had us right where he wanted us. And in the end through many prayers He blessed us so richly with a happy and HEALTHY baby girl. Looking back on that day, a year ago, it is forever etched in my mind. And is a crazy example of how emotional pregnancy can be and how sweet it is in the end.
Us this time last year. GIRL!!!
As I mentioned earlier it has been awhile and so much has changed. Kinney is basically crawling and is within reach of actually crawling...on her hands and knees...SO SOON. Adam says he thinks she'll get it before the week is over. I don't know...we'll see. Right now she pulls forward with her arms/elbows and pushes off with her feet...kind of a belly scoot. She is obsessed with rattles, remotes and stuffed animals. One stuffed animal that she seems to favor over others is her Llama Llama (red pajamas) that's one I'll have to hang on to and save for the future once she decides she's too cool for Llama Llama.
LOVES to go plates, cups, tupperware...
Kinney started a new daycare that we are OBSESSED with! Adam knows her teachers names, what they did on the weekends and occasionally takes them breakfast when he drops Kinney off. I don't think Adam could have told you the names of her teachers at the old daycare. So if that doesn't show you what a difference this place is!!! They love Kinney...they love ALL the kids in their class. There was an obvious difference in Kinney after just a few days in her new daycare with her new teachers. Her babbling increased considerable in amount AND volume. Whatever we are working on at home they work in conjunction with us. For example: I told them that I was working on sitting up with her at home, so they worked with her on sitting up at the daycare...within days she was sitting up! Kinney has also made a little girlfriend...her name is Sailor. They are buddies and play together. TN law is 8 babies with 2 her daycare they only have 5 babies with 2 teachers so they are really able to interact with the babies...and it shows. We praise them and they praise us as parents. We get tickled when they tell us that they can tell that we read to her because she is the only kid in her class interested in books, can turn the pages and listens (or so it seems) intensely when they read to them. I know I said earlier that we are obsessed with our daycare...but I really mean it. We LOVE Ms. Sandy and Ms. Shae!!!!
First day at her new school. Ms. Shae and Ms. Sandy
A few other firsts:
-First boat ride
-First play date
-First swim
-First Football game (it was my first NFL game)
-1st time watching the Peabody Ducks march
Ready for first Falcons game!
Gooooooooooooooo DAWGS!
watching the game on TV
Family :)
It was HOT! But FUN! My first NFL game
water bug
First trip to the Peabody Hotel to see the ducks

Some upcoming firsts!
- First beach trip/vacation
- First Halloween (we need to come up with an idea)
- First Thanksgiving (we have SO MUCH to be thankful for)
- First Christmas
Maybe somewhere on this list I'll be able to add ear piercing between now and her first birthday ;)
It was hot but she was happy!
Kinney is your typically baby/7 month old. She cries when she's hungry or sleepy (heaven forbid a combination of both). She barely whimpers when she falls or bumps her head (or any other limb) on something...she's a tough cookie...but we don't make a big deal about whiners here! She does not have teeth an does not show any signs of teething, yet. Although I will be sad when she does...not only because she'll feel crummy and it will break my heart...but I sure will miss that toothless grin. Kinney wants whatever it is you are playing with and she stalks our cat on the daily.
With pinterest at my fingertips ideas are always floating around. ESPECIALLY baby ideas. I stumbled upon one not too long ago and mentioned it to Adam but nothing came of it...I saw it again on a random blog post that someone else posted on Facebook. I originally thought it was a neat idea...a wonderful way to capture and compile "notes" or thoughts that you or others might have. And in the end will be a wonderful keepsake for Kinney...maybe at her 18th birthday. KINNEY HAS AN EMAIL:
her daddy and I will use it to send her messages. When I am at work or away and thinking about her I will write to her what is on my mind. I will use it to document her "firsts", cute things she says or does, embarrassing stories and tell her over and over and over again how much I love her. I want to encourage family and friends to send messages too!!! Whenever you would like. Adam and I both have access to the account but will probably more then likely never check will probably follow the same routine maintenance this blog has...very little to none ;) But in 2013 emailing is much more convenient then keeping up with a book. So matter who you are...a family member...a close friend...a not so close, we-only-know-each-other-on-facebook, kind of  friend ...feel free to send Kinney a message if she is on your mind...ever...don't be shy...this will truly be a special keepsake in the end.
Sweet girl last night playing :)

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Likes and Dislikes

Again, I fall a little behind on my blogging. But really we have typical (uneventful) lives...we wake up, we go to work, we come home, play with Kinney, we make dinner, play with Kinney, we watch some TV, play with Kinney, then go to bed and the routine starts all over :)

However some exciting things have happened lately!

My little sister graduated college! It may have taken Kristen a few years and a couple of colleges to figure out what she wanted to do for the rest of her life but once she did she flourished! She majored in Early Childhood Education...and thinks she would like to teach Kindergarten. Oh, and did I mention she was an HONOR graduate! School wasn't always easy for Kristen but for as long as I can remember she has ALWAYS been a hard worker (I on the other hand had all the ability...but 1/10th of the drive) I admire her in so many ways and am so proud of her! Next step: getting her Masters! She's already been accepted into the program.
A little fun fact about me: I am the only female in my family that is not in the education field.
My cousin's wife Megan: Kindergarten teacher (also Teach of the Year! Yay!)
My cousin's wife Victoria: Middle School Math teacher
My cousin's fiance Nicole: Elementary teacher
My Aunt Karen: Kindergarten Para-pro
My mama: Elementary teacher BUT the NEW PACE and EIP teacher at her school!
My sister: a future educator ;)
My Aunt Teresa: High School nurse

Even my Daddy works for a school system as the Occupational Physical Therapist for special needs children. Oh, and I can't forget my cousin Matt (Megan's husband) he works at the High School as a Special Education teacher.

And then there's me....the "fundraiser"

I also celebrated my first "Mother's Day", I am not one for Hallmark Valentines Day, but I did think it was so sweet for friends and family to remember me on my "first mothers day" all the text, calls and facebook posts were so sweet! I got to do exactly what I wanted to do that day...lounge, nap and watch movies :) Kinney (Adam) also had a sweet present for me, even though I said over and over again that I did not need or want anything. My Mama also gave me a gift with Kinney's hands and foot prints...I know it is silly but I love those little crafts more than any diamonds, gold or pearls. And now that I sit here and think about it I really appreciate how my Mama respects ME as a Mom. No matter the request I have (when it comes to Kinney) she does what I ask and doesn't question or try to argue with me. Even if she thinks it's silly or me being a little extreme. If I say: Kinney has to stay awake my Mama will wear her OWN SELF out keeping Kinney entertained. Or if I say: Don't put her diaper on too tight, she makes sure to pay attention to how snug her diapers are (even though that statement is usually followed with the question,"Why, did I put it on too tight before?" and I always respond "No"'s just one of those "hang ups" I have...I chalk it up to being a new mom. I just really respect her for the fact that she respects me as a parent. She doesn't disregard how I want/like things done...EVEN IF she might want too. She lets me (and Adam) be the parent and she has NO IDEA how grateful and appreciative I am for that.

Now the good stuff
Kinney's likes and dislikes

- Mornings! She is SUCH a happy girl in the AM...and that makes it hard for us to get ready for work.
- Her mat (she's been trying to roll over...she gets halfway there with no problems but has only had success once with making a full roll.)
- Bath time
- Playing with her feet
- Sticking her tounge out
- TRYING to sit up
- And our undivided attention in general

- If she thinks (or knows) we are not in the room with her she will wail until we are back
- Her car seat. Oy Vey! I think the long car ride to GA a few weeks ago has traumatized her
- the blub thing we use to suck the snot out of her nose or me whipping her nose in general

For the most part she's a happy growing baby. And we still find ourselves saying to each other, "Can you believe she is our's?"

Friday, May 3, 2013

Daddy Days--- written by Adam

Lauren asked me to write a few words about being dad to Kinney, and I feel I should go ahead and disclose there is no way for me to possibly explain the joy and love in my heart because of this amazing gift from God.
I like to call Kinney the best surprise of my life; it all started after my birthday weekend. Well it didn't all start then but that's a different story.  My parents had just left town, and I had just gotten home from work. Tired from a crazy day and annoyed with typical Monday stuff. As soon as I walked in Lauren asked my to come sit down. She seemed concerned, and I was immediately worried something had happened to my parents. That's when she said "I'm pregnant." I had never really thought about that moment between the two of us, because I didn't think I would become a father until much later, but I was immediately overwhelmed with a sense of joy and purpose. The first thing i did was hug Lauren (I've always known she was going to be a fabulous and caring mother) and pray to God. I asked Him to give my girl (I knew it was going to be a girl, and i said that) a huge purpose in life that would change the world for the better and to give Lauren and me the strength, wisdom, and patients to nurture His purpose for her. It's funny how the Lord works. He blessed us with a beautiful gift who we never even knew we wanted, but I was immediately so thankful for His plan in my life and so thankful for this little girl that I immediately loved. Overjoyed doesn't even begin to sum up how I felt them moment I found out about her.
You may notice that I'm talking a lot about God which is pretty untypical of me because I am generally more private about my faith. But Kinney has taught me so much about faith and my walk with God, and she is only two months old. That started toward the middle of the pregnancy when the doctor told us she had multiple heart defects. We had already been through a scare because of sack separation. You can imagine how trying and emotional that was for Lauren and me. As soon as we found out about the heart problems I knew it would be ok and we would do whatever surgeries and medical treatments we needed to make our girl healthy. But I must say it was really disarming when the doctor told us terminating the pregnancy was an option at that point because of the bleak outlook. Thankfully, Lauren and I share similar beliefs about that and it was not an option. Instead we prayed. We asked God to heal her heart and make everything ok. He delivered and literally gave us the miracle we had been asking for. When she was born there were no signs of heart defects despite the list of frighting conditions handed to us by the specialist. Even now I put my ear to Kinney's chest and listen to that beautiful heart beat. Because of this life changing experience Lauren and I are very mindful of families who pray for their own miracles and get a different answer. I asked for God to give her a big purpose and this miracle is proof that He has plans for her that only he knows, but Lauren and I will work tirelessly to nurture.
Lauren's pregnancy was great and she was a rock star in the delivery room. She showed amazing strength and courage that I could never match. After an entire day of labor, and hours of pushing our girl was finally here. From the moment I saw her and held her tears flowed from my eyes because I knew what a gift she was, and that this child who wasn't planned and had already overcome so many obstacles was mine and forever a part of my life. I was immediately so grateful. Holding your own child in your arms for the first time is an experience I can't even begin to explain. Knowing that she is literally half of me and half of the person I love most embodied into one person is so marvelous. It was amazing to soak in those first moments of her life. Who knows how her story will unfold from that moment. Kinney could be an Olympic athlete. She could hold the cure for cancer in her brain. She could be a hero who many people depend on. Who knows how it will turn out, but I do know nothing has given me more happiness than being Kinney's father, and I will do anything to protect her and provide for her and make sure she finds and fulfill the purpose God has for her.

I have probably been much more long winded than Lauren intended me to be, but Kinney is such a joy and a fantastic baby. She eats like she should and sleeps over eight hours a night (knock on wood). The absolute best part of my day is when I get to come home and see her and her mom-- and bath time. Kinney is so happy in the tub, and I love that I get to share that time with her. The bath is my duty and we have a great time playing in the bubbles. After that we always read a story and its crazy to see her so engaged in every word I'm saying from such a young age. I also love talking to her and teaching her things and telling her stories about my day, even though she has no idea what I'm talking about. Haha. And there is nothing like seeing her beautiful smile and bright eyes in the morning to spur me on and try to build a legacy that her and her siblings (God willing) will be proud of.
Speaking of legacy, Kinney is named after my grandmother Reba Kinney Hammond. Nana, as I call her, is the most kind, genuine and honorable person I have ever known. As a judge in my hometown she demanded respect from everyone, and every ounce of that respect was deserved. She taught me how to love others, respect people, work hard, spread kindness, and I pray Kinney will take on those attributes. I know Kinney has one heck of a guardian angel watching her every day.

Finally I want to end this by saying I am so proud of my wife. Lauren is such a fantastic mother and I have never loved her more. I find comfort in knowing when Kinney grows up and is raising a family of her own, Lauren and I will still get to share this beautiful life together. From the moment we found out about Kinney she has naturally embraced motherhood, and it is such a dream to watch her with Kinney. I love the two of them more than anything. Nothing bring my more joy than holding Kinney close feel her beautiful heart beat. I have a new respect for my parents also in seeing how they must have felt and feel for me. If I have one message for you in all this it is that life is a journey with beautiful surprising along he way. Everything happens for a reason and is part of a bigger plan you cannot fathom. We all have a purpose, and that ultimate purpose is to praise and glorify God. May you be as blessed as He has been to me.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Oh, crud!

Kinney has the "crud"!!!!

Oh man, and it has been breaking our hearts. Per usual she has been handling it much better than we have, haha. We noticed that she started coughing a lot while we were home in GA this past weekend. The pollen is much worse there than here in Memphis. She's done really well with spending time outside (in Memphis) and not having any issues...but now....oh lordy. Yesterday morning she was hacking so bad in her sleep that she scared me to death. It probably took a good hour to get my heart under control...and my girly didn't even bat an eyelash. I sat up with her, sucked out her nasal passages with the "blub" thing they give you from the hospital...however, I knew she didn't feel 100% when after feeding and changing her she went right back to sleep (with a little bit of crying/whining). Kinney is a fantastic night sleeper (knocking on wood now) she will sleep 8-10 hours....with that said she doesn't really nap during the matter how much we around 7:30-8 Kinney is ill and ready for bed. (She's really developing a good routine) and that is besides the point...after Kinney has slept her 8-10 hours she is UP and she is HAPPY. Her mornings are our favorites! She is so smiley and giddy!!! Yesterday when she kept drifting off to sleep I knew she wasn't feeling herself. I thought about keeping her home but Adam's exact words to me were, "You can do what you want but you can't keep her home every time she sneezes." So, instead I gave him strict orders to make sure that Kinney's "teachers" knew that she didn't feel good and to call me if she was too fussy or not doing well and that I would come get her.
Sleepy girl yesterday morning.
I called the doctor on my drive to work to see what we could do to alleviate some of the discomfort for her. Of course, only being 2 1/2 months old there is basically nothing you can do...and I already knew that. I was instructed to elevate her while sleeping, use the blub suck-thing on her, to use some saline nose spray (which I made Daddy do to her) and to give her LOTS of love and snuggles (which is not a problem at our house). Being a new mom of course I called the daycare and of course the daycare not wanting me to worry said that she was fine. I spent a lot of my time yesterday researching the difference between a humidifier and a vaporizer (we went with the vaporizer...I think Adam is kind of jealous of it. He said he wanted one for his side of the bed). She slept a lot (which is out of the norm for her because like I said earlier she doesn't really sleep during the day) when I brought her home from daycare...but only if she was being held...and we didn't mind doing that :)
Yesterday evening, mommy getting some snuggels
She slept a LITTLE better last night...we did a regiment of saline sprays, blub squeezes, I put her in a bouncy sleep thing in the bathroom with me while I took a hot shower (you can forget morning showers...I spend my mornings playing with my girl!), vicks baby rub on chest, vaporizer by her bed, white noise (what she sleeps to) on high and elevated our little nugget and she drifted off with zero problems...and only started to sound a little cruddy towards time to wake up. HOWEVER she WAS the happy, smiley girl that we know and love this morning so I think we may be on the up hill swing of this thing :)
Last night, swaddled, elevated and that green light is her vaporizer
Today at work we are celebrating "Administrative Professional Day"...and our CEO gave us all half a day! Yay! I am about to blow this Popsicle stand, go grocery shopping and then spend the rest of the day with my one and only!!! HAPPY WEEKEND everyone!!!!
My gifts for our departments secretaries...what did we do before Pinterest?!?

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

It's okay!

Pregnancy is NOT easy on your self-esteem/image. I remember standing in the bathroom/closet and whining (sometimes crying) that nothing fit me. Or that things didn't "look right". Adam would always remind me that I was pregnant and to remember that there are women out there that would be over joyed that their clothes didn't fit as long as they were having a baby. And granted he was right...and yes some days I should have had a better attitude...but on most days that was easier said than done.

I was NOT ready for the toll that pregnancy was going to take on my self-esteem. And I was even more surprised to learn that so many women felt the way I did. I was talking to a co-worker yesterday (she had a baby back in December) and I was a little surprised when she confided in me how shallow she felt because she knew she was bringing a miracle into this world but she HATED what it was doing/did to her body. I totally agreed with her. You feel AWFUL admitting you're the worst human being, mommy-to-be on the planet...but everyone (yes, even pregnant woman) want to feel "pretty" and it's tough to feel when you are waddling around with a face full of pimples and feet so swollen the only thing they fit into are crocs (I never experienced the bad skin or swollen feet...but I swear you could feel the earth shake with every step that I took, haha)...and trust me, it's not any easier post baby when you look at your sagging top half and even saggier bottom half (belly...don't have a dirty mind). I remember one was around Thanksgiving...we went to Cracker Barrel to eat and a lady (who looked like she had just gotten done with her 4th serving at Golden Corral and then decided to have her 5th meal at Cracker Barrel) came up to me and said,"Girlllllll...I saw you coming all the way from the car! You gonna have a big baby" I was mortified. I was around 7 months pregnant at the time, so that meant I had 2 more to go. If people already thought I looked "too big" what in the world was I going to look like/feel like in 2 more months?!?!

I NEVER knew how much I weighed (gained) throughout my pregnancy...I swear! I didn't see the point in beating myself up over something that was the inevitable. Even when we checked into the hospital they asked me my weight and I told them honestly that I had no idea. They had to bring a scale to my room to weigh me...and I made sure they understood that I DID. NOT. WANT. TO. KNOW.

And I don't really get into "Hollywood Gossip" trash magazine stuff. But it really irked me when people were making fun of Kim Kardashian and her weight gain. Yes, she shouldn't have worn the outfit and I admit resembled Shamu. Yes, she will probably get a multi million dollar deal with Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig...but she's still HUMAN! I thought it was AWFUL and down right distasteful the way the media talked about her. CLEARLY a slow news day and evoked by a man...

Pregnancy is tough...emotionally as well as physically...and in ways you never imaged...but completely and TOTALLY well worth it all in the end! To all the beautiful (even though you may not feel it) pregnant woman and new Mama's out what makes you feel pretty! I took ENDLESS teasing for wearing my high heels all the way through my pregnancy...including the 9th month. It made me feel "pretty" it made me feel "me" and I didn't care what others had to say. Every day I got fully dressed and full makeup...anything to make me feel like me (a less puffier version of me) I did. Do what makes you feel good. You MORE than deserve it! Splurge on a cute maternity outfit (ESPECIALLY if it is cute because most of it is ugly). You are carrying the precious gift of life and soon your priorities will shift and you will put your baby before you. TRUST ME! Recently we stopped by some outlets...Adam left with something new, Kinney left with something new...guess who left with nothing...haha. Don't feel guilty because you blame some weight gain/zits/stretch marks on your little bundle of joy. Soon those things will go away...and the things that don't won't matter any more :)  Just know, you're not alone and you ARE beautiful...zits, swollen feet and all :)

Thursday, April 18, 2013

wishes, wants, dreams and hopes

 Now that I am back at work and it is the slow season for us I will have more time to keep up my blog, featuring our own personal star (of our lives). 

Adam and I never wanted to be those annoying people on facebook that continuously, non-stop, post about our kids. But the truth is...she's the biggest part of our lives right now. Honestly, I try to limit my facebooking...but on can forget it. I even have a disclaimer stating: "WARNING: Do not follow me unless you don't mind seeing pics of my baby girl because that's all I take pictures of...don't say I didn't warn you." --- here you will see pictures that never see the light of day on facebook. Occasionally there will be an instagram pic that finds its way to facebook... so, if we are those annoying people that you have to "hide" on your timeline because you are sick of seeing our kids face...I totally understand, we've been there too...just understand our side of it...we don't AIM to be annoying, haha.
And here I am at work just wishing away my day thinking about my little nugget. Since she's been born I constantly think to myself...I wish, want, dream, HOPE ________ for Kinney.
I hope that Kinney will know the value of every person she comes in contact with.

I hope that Kinney is kind and understands that everyone is fighting a battle.

I hope that Kinney will know the importance of giving, donating and volunteering.

I hope that Kinney will know that sometimes you just have to let people go.

I hope she will know to dance with God and that He'll let the perfect guy cut in.

I hope that she will find a man that treats her as wonderful as her Daddy treats me.

I hope the family of the man that wins her heart loves her, respects her and welcomes her with warm open  arms.

I hope that Kinney will know that "comparison is the thief of joy." --- that she is one of a kind and that she does not need to compare herself to others.

I hope that no matter what she can see the good in a situation.

I want her to know that tough times don't last, but tough people do.

I want her to know that you can't live a positive life with a negative mind.

I hope she will know that some people create their own storms and get mad when it rains...this is not her fault or her problem.

I hope she will know that her beliefs do not make her a better person, her behavior will.

I want her to know that there is not a secret to being create your own HAPPY

I hope that she knows that there is always, always, always something to be thankful for.

I want her to know anything is possible.

I pray, wish, want and hope that no matter what...NO MATTER WHAT...that she knows we love the moon and back...because as long as I am alive my baby she will be.

I could keep this list going on and on. And the real reality is...that she will learn by example. So, I pray that God gives us, her parents the ability to not only talk the talk BUT walk the walk.