keeping up with Kinney

keeping up with Kinney

Friday, October 11, 2013

Some things I have learned as a new mommy

1. Moms are incredibly judgmental and critical of other moms
 Breastfeeding Mom vs. Formula Mom, Working Mom vs. Stay at home Mom, Co-sleeping Mom vs. Crib sleeping Mom, Store bought baby food Mom vs. Made from scratch baby food Mom, Cloth diaper Mom vs. Disposable diaper Mom…the list could go on an on. I admit I am guilty, we are human and we ALL have opinions (and you know what they say about opinions) I see things and think (here’s the crucial part) TO MYSELF…”I would do ______ differently.” I have heard of this saga called the “Mommy Wars” and it is so baffling true. Mom’s will Google and Bing until they find a “Baby Center” or “Scientific” article to prove that THEIR theory/process/idea  is THE right and only way to do something. I am particularly shocked at the open way Mom’s will attack on social media sites; obviously the most notable on Facebook. I promise you I love my child and only have her best interest in mind and in my heart. Just like I assume you...other too. I get that how I parent may not work for your family…just like how you parent probably wouldn't work for mine. I have a happy, healthy baby that I have successfully managed to keep alive for 8 months…I must be doing SOMETHING right.  Right?!

 2. Opinions/Advice
I mentioned this above. We all have opinions and like I have already noted …you know what they say about opinions…but until I ASK you for your opinion/advice then it was not/is not wanted. As new moms we are ALL figuring it out. And we are figuring out what works for OUR family. Whether you last gave birth 25 years ago or 6 months ago,  I assure you I have it under control. My favorite is the girl/lady/woman that has ZERO children but thinks they know how to parent. I will be the first to admit I was guilty of this. I worked in a daycare from the time I was 16 until I finished college, a total of 6 years. I thought I had it all figured out. I honestly thought I KNEW how to parent from watching tons of moms walk up and down the daycare hallways. WRONG WRONG WRONG. The truth is…all I walked away with was knowing how to diaper and swaddle. Nothing burns up a mom more than unsolicited advice from a female that only THINKS they know how to parent. So to all you ladies out there without children: keep your “advice” under lock and key. Until you have stayed up all hours of the night, spent your days fighting off delirium, listen to screams that could bust your ear drums, have spit up running down your face, neck and shirt, a shower is a mini vacation, you stick thermometers up a little ones bottom, wipe away tiny baby tears that make you burst out into giant crocodile tears and dismiss the fecal matter that has somehow gotten onto the sleeve of your brand new tshirt until you calm down and rock your precious little angel to sleep all while under the watchful and judgmental eyes of other moms then you have no opinion.  
Now, there will be times that I ASK for your opinion/advice and when I ASK you for it I am WELCOMING you thoughts and suggestions. I will honestly want to know what you think. Until then…chances are all I hear is the Charlie Brown teacher voice and it goes in one ear and out the other. Because I have a happy, healthy baby that I have successfully managed to keep alive for 8 months…I must be doing something right. Maybe not the way you would do it…but the way that works best for my family.
Must be a common thought
 3. Insta-Dri
Busy moms take note! This stuff is fantastic and FAST (a bonus for mamas on the go!)!!! I used to buy the OPI’s, China Glaze and Orly. But now I only buy Sally Hansen, Insta-Dri. It dries super fast and I can wear for a long time before it starts to chip or peel away. To be honest though the greatest thing about it is how fast it dries and I am assuming Sally Hansen has had some success with this line of polish because they have started coming out with “seasonal” lines.

 4. Registry- If I knew then what I know now
I admit when we registered for Kinney we mostly registered basically off esthetics (how it looked) and worried about functionality lastly. I mean we were first time parents with friends who don’t have kids and we really didn’t know what we needed. Here are the things I would have registered for differently.

  1. Highchair- LOVE our highchair. It is cute and goes with our kitchen tables and chairs. But for functionality and practical purposes we totally should have bought a “Highchair space saver” it is a highchair seat that straps onto one of your dining room chairs. 
  2. Bottles- Dr. Brown bottles are supposed to be wonderful bottles for babies with acid reflux. However, if you do not have a baby with acid reflux ditch the high maintenance bottles. Unless you don’t mind spending half your night washing and sanitizing a million pieces.
  3. Rock’n’Play- I had no clue that I needed such a WONDERFUL contraption. This needs to be on EVERY. NEW. MOM. Registry. It is simply A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!! I do not have enough wonderful things to say about this. Kinney slept in it beside me for months. It is on a slight incline so it helped with congestion. I know a lot of reflux babies use this. It was wonderful for travel and it was so easy to move around the house with us. Kinney has been sleeping in her crib for about 2 months now. But we occasionally break out the rock’n’play for naps and I use it to hold her while I cut her nails (she is sleeping).
  4. Resinol- Go ahead and hang on to “Butt Paste”, “Destin”, “A+D” and whatever other diaper creams you have but make sure to make some room in your medicine cabinet for this little gem. Kinney’s daycare teachers have been raving to me about this cream. Telling me how wonderful it was and I would just smile and nod. Kinney has never really had much use for diaper creams…she has rarely had a red bottom. And then she had some drainage that lead to an upset stomach and I will let you figure out the rest. So, I gave in…went to Kroger, walked to the baby aisle picked up a container of  “Butt Paste” and “A+D”…and then I proceeded to the pharmacy counter. I showed the pharmacist what I had and then inquired about “Resinol”. Needless to say the Butt Paste and A+D were placed back on the shelf and the Resinol now resides in Kinney's baby bag. Love the stuff!
  5. Stick to the registry- No matter how much you think you know someone’s taste just forgo the baby clothes shopping and buy what they have registered for. I am once again guilty of doing this pre Kinney. I know it’s tough to turn away from those teenie tiny precious onesies but chances are your taste is not theirs…even if you THINK it is. For example: Adam and I don’t particularly care for clothing that has writing on it like “Mommy’s Princess” or “Daddy’s Cutie”…so that excludes about 90% of baby clothing…now, do NOT get me wrong. I see nothing wrong with it on other kids/babies. To me, really, it is no different than me liking Coke and you liking Diet Coke. I think nothing of it. I love smocked outfits but my manager (she has an 18 month old daughter) thinks they are cheesy and I totally would have pegged her as someone that would love them…good thing I didn’t get her daughter one that I had been eyeing for her. That would have been money down the drain. So, unless you have heard someone say “I like this” --- “I don’t like this”--- then just stick to the items they have listed as a need.
  6. Buggy – Highchair cover: When registering you don’t really think about the future, as in 6-8 months down the road after babys birth. Or maybe I am just guilty of that…but anywho… I love the buggy-highchair cover thing…not for the germs (I am totally not a germaphobe) but because when your child is still new at the whole “sitting up” thing it really helps to hold them, to stabilize them. Think about it…those carts and high chairs are also designed for kids well up to 3 or 4 years old…much larger then a 6 or 8 month old.
  7. Exersaucer- Kinney first used one at my parent’s house, that they had bough on consignment, when she was around 4 months old. The girl LOVED it! Would have been nice to have the foresight to add this gem to the registry but like I said…I had tunnel vision while registering and nothing really went beyond bottles, towels, tub, diapers, stroller and highchair.
 5. Patience 
I am amazed at the patience level I have with my 8 month old. However, I am less than amused at my level (lack there of) of patience for everyone or everything else. Oy vey!

I know that I have just offered up some unsolicited advice. But #1, I didn't make you read this. #2. Just keep this in your back pocket as some FYI’s ;)

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