keeping up with Kinney

keeping up with Kinney

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

7 months old and has an email account...

Wow. I am really no good at keeping up with this blog. But alas it won't stop me from periodically and infrequently attempting :)

3 1/2 months have past since my last post and things have REALLY changed. I looked back at my last post to see where I had left off. Kinney had just started discovering that she could roll over but couldn't complete the cycle of a full 360 degree she's basically crawling, rolling all over the house and sits up all on her own!!!
Last night... attempting to crawl...looking more like push ups!
She's happy, healthy and in general an easy going baby. She is everything that I hoped and prayed so desperately for. This day last year, Sept 11, 2012, was the day that we found out we would be expecting a baby was also the day that shook my world. The day that sent me straight to a high risk doctor. The day that had me crying with fear, hurt and wondering how and why. And through it all, the appointments, the questions, the sadness...God had us right where he wanted us. And in the end through many prayers He blessed us so richly with a happy and HEALTHY baby girl. Looking back on that day, a year ago, it is forever etched in my mind. And is a crazy example of how emotional pregnancy can be and how sweet it is in the end.
Us this time last year. GIRL!!!
As I mentioned earlier it has been awhile and so much has changed. Kinney is basically crawling and is within reach of actually crawling...on her hands and knees...SO SOON. Adam says he thinks she'll get it before the week is over. I don't know...we'll see. Right now she pulls forward with her arms/elbows and pushes off with her feet...kind of a belly scoot. She is obsessed with rattles, remotes and stuffed animals. One stuffed animal that she seems to favor over others is her Llama Llama (red pajamas) that's one I'll have to hang on to and save for the future once she decides she's too cool for Llama Llama.
LOVES to go plates, cups, tupperware...
Kinney started a new daycare that we are OBSESSED with! Adam knows her teachers names, what they did on the weekends and occasionally takes them breakfast when he drops Kinney off. I don't think Adam could have told you the names of her teachers at the old daycare. So if that doesn't show you what a difference this place is!!! They love Kinney...they love ALL the kids in their class. There was an obvious difference in Kinney after just a few days in her new daycare with her new teachers. Her babbling increased considerable in amount AND volume. Whatever we are working on at home they work in conjunction with us. For example: I told them that I was working on sitting up with her at home, so they worked with her on sitting up at the daycare...within days she was sitting up! Kinney has also made a little girlfriend...her name is Sailor. They are buddies and play together. TN law is 8 babies with 2 her daycare they only have 5 babies with 2 teachers so they are really able to interact with the babies...and it shows. We praise them and they praise us as parents. We get tickled when they tell us that they can tell that we read to her because she is the only kid in her class interested in books, can turn the pages and listens (or so it seems) intensely when they read to them. I know I said earlier that we are obsessed with our daycare...but I really mean it. We LOVE Ms. Sandy and Ms. Shae!!!!
First day at her new school. Ms. Shae and Ms. Sandy
A few other firsts:
-First boat ride
-First play date
-First swim
-First Football game (it was my first NFL game)
-1st time watching the Peabody Ducks march
Ready for first Falcons game!
Gooooooooooooooo DAWGS!
watching the game on TV
Family :)
It was HOT! But FUN! My first NFL game
water bug
First trip to the Peabody Hotel to see the ducks

Some upcoming firsts!
- First beach trip/vacation
- First Halloween (we need to come up with an idea)
- First Thanksgiving (we have SO MUCH to be thankful for)
- First Christmas
Maybe somewhere on this list I'll be able to add ear piercing between now and her first birthday ;)
It was hot but she was happy!
Kinney is your typically baby/7 month old. She cries when she's hungry or sleepy (heaven forbid a combination of both). She barely whimpers when she falls or bumps her head (or any other limb) on something...she's a tough cookie...but we don't make a big deal about whiners here! She does not have teeth an does not show any signs of teething, yet. Although I will be sad when she does...not only because she'll feel crummy and it will break my heart...but I sure will miss that toothless grin. Kinney wants whatever it is you are playing with and she stalks our cat on the daily.
With pinterest at my fingertips ideas are always floating around. ESPECIALLY baby ideas. I stumbled upon one not too long ago and mentioned it to Adam but nothing came of it...I saw it again on a random blog post that someone else posted on Facebook. I originally thought it was a neat idea...a wonderful way to capture and compile "notes" or thoughts that you or others might have. And in the end will be a wonderful keepsake for Kinney...maybe at her 18th birthday. KINNEY HAS AN EMAIL:
her daddy and I will use it to send her messages. When I am at work or away and thinking about her I will write to her what is on my mind. I will use it to document her "firsts", cute things she says or does, embarrassing stories and tell her over and over and over again how much I love her. I want to encourage family and friends to send messages too!!! Whenever you would like. Adam and I both have access to the account but will probably more then likely never check will probably follow the same routine maintenance this blog has...very little to none ;) But in 2013 emailing is much more convenient then keeping up with a book. So matter who you are...a family member...a close friend...a not so close, we-only-know-each-other-on-facebook, kind of  friend ...feel free to send Kinney a message if she is on your mind...ever...don't be shy...this will truly be a special keepsake in the end.
Sweet girl last night playing :)

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  1. Kinney is growing up so fast! (Like I needed to tell you that! ha!) She's such a cutie. Can't wait to send her an email! :)