keeping up with Kinney

keeping up with Kinney

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Likes and Dislikes

Again, I fall a little behind on my blogging. But really we have typical (uneventful) lives...we wake up, we go to work, we come home, play with Kinney, we make dinner, play with Kinney, we watch some TV, play with Kinney, then go to bed and the routine starts all over :)

However some exciting things have happened lately!

My little sister graduated college! It may have taken Kristen a few years and a couple of colleges to figure out what she wanted to do for the rest of her life but once she did she flourished! She majored in Early Childhood Education...and thinks she would like to teach Kindergarten. Oh, and did I mention she was an HONOR graduate! School wasn't always easy for Kristen but for as long as I can remember she has ALWAYS been a hard worker (I on the other hand had all the ability...but 1/10th of the drive) I admire her in so many ways and am so proud of her! Next step: getting her Masters! She's already been accepted into the program.
A little fun fact about me: I am the only female in my family that is not in the education field.
My cousin's wife Megan: Kindergarten teacher (also Teach of the Year! Yay!)
My cousin's wife Victoria: Middle School Math teacher
My cousin's fiance Nicole: Elementary teacher
My Aunt Karen: Kindergarten Para-pro
My mama: Elementary teacher BUT the NEW PACE and EIP teacher at her school!
My sister: a future educator ;)
My Aunt Teresa: High School nurse

Even my Daddy works for a school system as the Occupational Physical Therapist for special needs children. Oh, and I can't forget my cousin Matt (Megan's husband) he works at the High School as a Special Education teacher.

And then there's me....the "fundraiser"

I also celebrated my first "Mother's Day", I am not one for Hallmark Valentines Day, but I did think it was so sweet for friends and family to remember me on my "first mothers day" all the text, calls and facebook posts were so sweet! I got to do exactly what I wanted to do that day...lounge, nap and watch movies :) Kinney (Adam) also had a sweet present for me, even though I said over and over again that I did not need or want anything. My Mama also gave me a gift with Kinney's hands and foot prints...I know it is silly but I love those little crafts more than any diamonds, gold or pearls. And now that I sit here and think about it I really appreciate how my Mama respects ME as a Mom. No matter the request I have (when it comes to Kinney) she does what I ask and doesn't question or try to argue with me. Even if she thinks it's silly or me being a little extreme. If I say: Kinney has to stay awake my Mama will wear her OWN SELF out keeping Kinney entertained. Or if I say: Don't put her diaper on too tight, she makes sure to pay attention to how snug her diapers are (even though that statement is usually followed with the question,"Why, did I put it on too tight before?" and I always respond "No"'s just one of those "hang ups" I have...I chalk it up to being a new mom. I just really respect her for the fact that she respects me as a parent. She doesn't disregard how I want/like things done...EVEN IF she might want too. She lets me (and Adam) be the parent and she has NO IDEA how grateful and appreciative I am for that.

Now the good stuff
Kinney's likes and dislikes

- Mornings! She is SUCH a happy girl in the AM...and that makes it hard for us to get ready for work.
- Her mat (she's been trying to roll over...she gets halfway there with no problems but has only had success once with making a full roll.)
- Bath time
- Playing with her feet
- Sticking her tounge out
- TRYING to sit up
- And our undivided attention in general

- If she thinks (or knows) we are not in the room with her she will wail until we are back
- Her car seat. Oy Vey! I think the long car ride to GA a few weeks ago has traumatized her
- the blub thing we use to suck the snot out of her nose or me whipping her nose in general

For the most part she's a happy growing baby. And we still find ourselves saying to each other, "Can you believe she is our's?"

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