keeping up with Kinney

keeping up with Kinney

Friday, April 26, 2013

Oh, crud!

Kinney has the "crud"!!!!

Oh man, and it has been breaking our hearts. Per usual she has been handling it much better than we have, haha. We noticed that she started coughing a lot while we were home in GA this past weekend. The pollen is much worse there than here in Memphis. She's done really well with spending time outside (in Memphis) and not having any issues...but now....oh lordy. Yesterday morning she was hacking so bad in her sleep that she scared me to death. It probably took a good hour to get my heart under control...and my girly didn't even bat an eyelash. I sat up with her, sucked out her nasal passages with the "blub" thing they give you from the hospital...however, I knew she didn't feel 100% when after feeding and changing her she went right back to sleep (with a little bit of crying/whining). Kinney is a fantastic night sleeper (knocking on wood now) she will sleep 8-10 hours....with that said she doesn't really nap during the matter how much we around 7:30-8 Kinney is ill and ready for bed. (She's really developing a good routine) and that is besides the point...after Kinney has slept her 8-10 hours she is UP and she is HAPPY. Her mornings are our favorites! She is so smiley and giddy!!! Yesterday when she kept drifting off to sleep I knew she wasn't feeling herself. I thought about keeping her home but Adam's exact words to me were, "You can do what you want but you can't keep her home every time she sneezes." So, instead I gave him strict orders to make sure that Kinney's "teachers" knew that she didn't feel good and to call me if she was too fussy or not doing well and that I would come get her.
Sleepy girl yesterday morning.
I called the doctor on my drive to work to see what we could do to alleviate some of the discomfort for her. Of course, only being 2 1/2 months old there is basically nothing you can do...and I already knew that. I was instructed to elevate her while sleeping, use the blub suck-thing on her, to use some saline nose spray (which I made Daddy do to her) and to give her LOTS of love and snuggles (which is not a problem at our house). Being a new mom of course I called the daycare and of course the daycare not wanting me to worry said that she was fine. I spent a lot of my time yesterday researching the difference between a humidifier and a vaporizer (we went with the vaporizer...I think Adam is kind of jealous of it. He said he wanted one for his side of the bed). She slept a lot (which is out of the norm for her because like I said earlier she doesn't really sleep during the day) when I brought her home from daycare...but only if she was being held...and we didn't mind doing that :)
Yesterday evening, mommy getting some snuggels
She slept a LITTLE better last night...we did a regiment of saline sprays, blub squeezes, I put her in a bouncy sleep thing in the bathroom with me while I took a hot shower (you can forget morning showers...I spend my mornings playing with my girl!), vicks baby rub on chest, vaporizer by her bed, white noise (what she sleeps to) on high and elevated our little nugget and she drifted off with zero problems...and only started to sound a little cruddy towards time to wake up. HOWEVER she WAS the happy, smiley girl that we know and love this morning so I think we may be on the up hill swing of this thing :)
Last night, swaddled, elevated and that green light is her vaporizer
Today at work we are celebrating "Administrative Professional Day"...and our CEO gave us all half a day! Yay! I am about to blow this Popsicle stand, go grocery shopping and then spend the rest of the day with my one and only!!! HAPPY WEEKEND everyone!!!!
My gifts for our departments secretaries...what did we do before Pinterest?!?


  1. Oh, good! So sounds like the vaporizer helped! Glad she's feeling better. :)

  2. Bless her sweet heart! A sick baby is the saddest. I'm glad she is on the mend. And Little Noses nasal spray will become your BFF. I still use it with my kiddos and to much surprise, Avery loves squirting the solution up his nose...well maybe not so much of a surprise considering he's a boy and kids tend to shove stuff up their noses. :-)