keeping up with Kinney

keeping up with Kinney

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

It's okay!

Pregnancy is NOT easy on your self-esteem/image. I remember standing in the bathroom/closet and whining (sometimes crying) that nothing fit me. Or that things didn't "look right". Adam would always remind me that I was pregnant and to remember that there are women out there that would be over joyed that their clothes didn't fit as long as they were having a baby. And granted he was right...and yes some days I should have had a better attitude...but on most days that was easier said than done.

I was NOT ready for the toll that pregnancy was going to take on my self-esteem. And I was even more surprised to learn that so many women felt the way I did. I was talking to a co-worker yesterday (she had a baby back in December) and I was a little surprised when she confided in me how shallow she felt because she knew she was bringing a miracle into this world but she HATED what it was doing/did to her body. I totally agreed with her. You feel AWFUL admitting you're the worst human being, mommy-to-be on the planet...but everyone (yes, even pregnant woman) want to feel "pretty" and it's tough to feel when you are waddling around with a face full of pimples and feet so swollen the only thing they fit into are crocs (I never experienced the bad skin or swollen feet...but I swear you could feel the earth shake with every step that I took, haha)...and trust me, it's not any easier post baby when you look at your sagging top half and even saggier bottom half (belly...don't have a dirty mind). I remember one was around Thanksgiving...we went to Cracker Barrel to eat and a lady (who looked like she had just gotten done with her 4th serving at Golden Corral and then decided to have her 5th meal at Cracker Barrel) came up to me and said,"Girlllllll...I saw you coming all the way from the car! You gonna have a big baby" I was mortified. I was around 7 months pregnant at the time, so that meant I had 2 more to go. If people already thought I looked "too big" what in the world was I going to look like/feel like in 2 more months?!?!

I NEVER knew how much I weighed (gained) throughout my pregnancy...I swear! I didn't see the point in beating myself up over something that was the inevitable. Even when we checked into the hospital they asked me my weight and I told them honestly that I had no idea. They had to bring a scale to my room to weigh me...and I made sure they understood that I DID. NOT. WANT. TO. KNOW.

And I don't really get into "Hollywood Gossip" trash magazine stuff. But it really irked me when people were making fun of Kim Kardashian and her weight gain. Yes, she shouldn't have worn the outfit and I admit resembled Shamu. Yes, she will probably get a multi million dollar deal with Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig...but she's still HUMAN! I thought it was AWFUL and down right distasteful the way the media talked about her. CLEARLY a slow news day and evoked by a man...

Pregnancy is tough...emotionally as well as physically...and in ways you never imaged...but completely and TOTALLY well worth it all in the end! To all the beautiful (even though you may not feel it) pregnant woman and new Mama's out what makes you feel pretty! I took ENDLESS teasing for wearing my high heels all the way through my pregnancy...including the 9th month. It made me feel "pretty" it made me feel "me" and I didn't care what others had to say. Every day I got fully dressed and full makeup...anything to make me feel like me (a less puffier version of me) I did. Do what makes you feel good. You MORE than deserve it! Splurge on a cute maternity outfit (ESPECIALLY if it is cute because most of it is ugly). You are carrying the precious gift of life and soon your priorities will shift and you will put your baby before you. TRUST ME! Recently we stopped by some outlets...Adam left with something new, Kinney left with something new...guess who left with nothing...haha. Don't feel guilty because you blame some weight gain/zits/stretch marks on your little bundle of joy. Soon those things will go away...and the things that don't won't matter any more :)  Just know, you're not alone and you ARE beautiful...zits, swollen feet and all :)

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  1. Thanks for this, sweet girl. I needed it today. SO BADLY! haha. And who in the world teased you for wearing heels?! You ROCKED them. I wish my feet would fit in my heels! hahaha. I love you. And you look stinkin' beautiful and nothing like you had a baby two months ago!!!