keeping up with Kinney

keeping up with Kinney

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Today is one of those--- nothing is going right and everyone is getting on my nerves day. We're all entitled to those every once in awhile, right?

Disclaimer for first timers: I am not claiming to be a fashionista (clearly) to find out what WIWW is all about visit, The Pleated Poppy. 

So, today it is straight to the point. What I Wore Wednesday. Leh-go

Wednesday 9/14
Dress- Belk (clearance)
Purple Cardigan- NY&Co. (clearance)
Slouchy Boots- Wet Seal

Thursday 9/15
White Ruffle Top- SteinMart
Cream Cardigan- Target ($5)
Khaki Skirt- Target
better pic of the detail in the cardigan

Friday 9/16  UW Day of Caring
Live United T
Neon Pink Shorts- Soffe
Shoes- Nike

Saturday 9/17
Pink Top Ruffle Sleeves- Marshalls
Skinny Jeans- Old Navy
Tall Boots- Olsenboye

Monday 9/19 ---kinda nautically. 
Technically summer isn't over until Sep. 23rd (this Friday)
Navy and White Dress- Marshalls
Red Cardigan- Target
Red Sandals- GAP Outlet

Wednesday 9/21---feeling fall-ish 
Cream & Navy Polka Dot Top- Old Navy 
Yellow Cardi- Target
Skinny Jeans- Old Navy
Tall Boots- Olsenboye

Now I need to get on and remind MYSELF that "Happy Girls are the Prettiest Girls!"---right now I must be ugly...but I am working on that! I mean, we're all allowed "off days" 


  1. Ooh! I get to be the first comment!

    1. I love how you said "leh-go"...we should really be friends! haha

    2. 9/17 and 9/21 are my FAVS though I admire all of them and how adorable you are!

    3. Where did you get the mustard cardi? you left that item out of the description so quit holding out on us! :)

  2. How cute are you? I'm sooo ready to incorporate longer sleeves and boots into my wardrobe more! It's still PRETTY warm here often lately. Favorites? Last Wednesday, and Saturday!! :) I guess I'll be working on my post later today... It's kind of daunting!

  3. Mallory---Oops! I missed it the yellow cardi is from...TARGET. B-T-dub's did you see 9/21 (Today) I tried the red lips?!? :)

    Deana---We've been having fallish mornings & evening but warm know that awkward weather. I can't wait to see your post :)